Selwyn Lecture by Dr. Samuel Carpenter

St John’s Theological College/Hoani Tapu te Kaikauwhau i te Rongopai, November 2nd, 2022.


The Paihia mission settlement was a site of revolutionary change as Māori and missionaries forged a new culture at the intersection of British and indigenous worlds. In this lecture, Dr Carpenter focused on the ‘life-ways’ of this mixed settlement, describing how English missionaries, Māori rangatira, commoners and slaves, lived out a daily and weekly rhythm of worship, work and rest. Rather than focusing on doctrine or debates over Māori conversion, ‘fatal impact’, or colonialism, the lecture reflected on the intermingling of gospel and culture, English nonconformity and evangelical piety, along with their impact on
conceptions of class and race.

Dr Samuel Carpenter – Selwyn Lecture, 2022
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