My name is Samuel Carpenter.

I was awarded a PhD in history by Massey University, New Zealand in 2021. My PhD research was supported by a Marsden trust scholarship.

My PhD reconstructed mentalities and political argument concerning New Zealand’s constitutional evolutions, late 1830s-1860s, in both European and indigenous (Maori) worlds. Methodologically the work reflected ‘Cambridge School’ and ‘New Imperial History’ priorities. It formed part of a wider Marsden-funded project at Massey University, led by Prof Michael Belgrave, which explored the extent to which a civil society was created or imagined that  transcended the scattered European settlement and different Maori polities, allowing the wars of the 1860s to be seen as ‘civil wars’.

This website is now a blog page for my ongoing research and thinking, which generally looks to situate New Zealand history in a broad milieu of global history influenced particularly by the Pacific and the British world and empire.

3 responses to “About”

  1. Hi Samuel I’m an oral historian and archivist. In my work I have come across rich sources of archives and local histories on different perspectives of historical events. In talking with history teachers about this I found they are interested in being able to use such resources but access is not easy.
    A group of us – myself, a retired history teacher, local historian and genealogist, got together and, with the help of two software developers, have been working on a website design that incorporates plans, archives, content and lesson plans for teachers. We decided to focus on one area to start with, Lower Hutt.
    We are looking for content specialists who can work with a course designer to write about the settlement of Lower Hutt from different perspectives.
    Your MA thesis gave a very good overview of the British colonisation of Aotearoa NZ. Could help me with content on the pros an cons of British colonisation?
    So you know I am in discussions with Te Āti Awa and Ngāti Toa about content from their perspectives.
    Regards Jennie
    m 027 419 7970


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