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  • from the lecture room #2

    Below is a second lecture segment that highlights two of the most significant Māori political speeches and correspondence of the mid-nineteenth century: Rēnata Kawepō’s critique of the Waitara transaction, and Wiremu Tamehana’s defence of the Kīngitanga. (Another segment from my lecture series at Laidlaw College for the level 600 and 700 paper Te Harinui: Christianity…

  • Selwyn Lecture by Dr. Samuel Carpenter

    St John’s Theological College/Hoani Tapu te Kaikauwhau i te Rongopai, November 2nd, 2022. Abstract The Paihia mission settlement was a site of revolutionary change as Māori and missionaries forged a new culture at the intersection of British and indigenous worlds. In this lecture, Dr Carpenter focused on the ‘life-ways’ of this mixed settlement, describing how…

  • What I’m Reading – VLOG#5

    Correspondence of Wiremu Tamehana, AJHR 1865: AtoJs Online — Appendix to the Journals of the House of Representatives — 1865 Session I — E-11 RETURN OF THE CORRESPONDENCE SIGNED OR PURPORTING TO BE SIGNED BY WILLIAM THOMPSON TE WAHAROA, ETC. (natlib.govt.nz) Tony Ballantyne, NZJH, 2011: New Zealand Journal of History – document (auckland.ac.nz)

  • What I’m reading – VLOG #1

    I’ve started a Video Log to talk about what I’m reading and what I’m thinking about in the history of Aotearoa New Zealand and the British world and empire.

  • Review of Andrew Sharp – Samuel Marsden bio

    I recently had published a review of Andrew Sharp’s significantly-proportioned appraisal of Samuel Marsden’s life and ‘opinions’: in the New Zealand Journal of History, vol 51, no 1 (2017), pp 216-217: Carpenter – review of A Sharp – Samuel Marsden (Auckland, 2016)  

  • Alfred Brown’s library – Te Papa, Tauranga

    I recently spent a couple of days in the library of this important Church Missionary Society missionary in New Zealand. What I was struck by: the striking aesthetic of this nineteenth century missionary’s book collection; the way in which prayer books, hymnals, and bibles – including Maori language versions of these – were given as gifts between close friends and…

  • Thomas Carlyle on … Democracy

    The enigmatic Victorian writer, Thomas Carlyle, who was inspired by German Romanticism, wrote some pretty fascinating lines on ‘democracy’ and ‘government’ in his Past and Present (1843): Democracy, which means despair of finding any Heroes to govern you, and contented putting-up with the want of them, alas, thou too, mein Lieber [German: my dear], seest well…

  • Review of new Samuel Marsden biography

    My short review of Andrew Sharp’s intellectual biography of Marsden was published this week on the NZ Listener’s webpage, see here. A longer (academic) review will be published soon in the next New Zealand Journal of History.