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  • #From the Archives

    Exciting to discover today various sources new to me, on the amazing digital collection of CMS records on the National Library Australia website ( – only recently digitized. One record I definitely hadn’t seen before was Henry Williams offering himself for missionary service, in January 1820. This is about five years after he was discharged […]

  • Legacies of Empire #1: academic debates

    Recent conversations about the good, bad, ugly and indifferent legacies of the British Empire… The debate about the legacies of the British empire does not go away. Various academic projects are devoted to it, while public discourse usually responds reactively to contemporary issues and debates such as Black Lives Matter. This blog series will highlight […]

  • imperial projects

    Another couple of interesting ‘imperial projects’ currently in progress: Alan Lester is leading a project called ‘Snapshots of Empire’ based at the University of Sussex. This project will analyse in detail three separate years of correspondence (1838, 1857, 1879) coming in and going out of the Colonial Office and East India Company/ India Office to see how the empire […]